Runesmith: Runesmith is a local pagan friend and designs wonderful pagan and Viking jewellery - If you like my 'Wolf Tork' statement piece (as pictured here), you can commission one to size or browse his other amazing items (including Bastet items!) at

Lori Bruno is an amazing hereditary Strega witch and powerful psychic. Her skills have been used to solve unsolvable crimes and long standing mysteries, which she reads with incredible accuracy... Aside from having a beautiful shop called 'Magicka' after the 3 Magis, She embodies the ancient, true values and ethics of witchcraft and lives by the motto "If you have love in your heart, your magick will work and go far into any place in the cosmos for you"...A witch very close to my heart and my personal ethics.

'Hekterios' was my very first youtube introduction to learning witchcraft and beginning to work with goddess Hekate. He is a hereditary grey witch and an oracle for Hekate, doing great moon readings and offering spellworking advice.  Hekterios has a great online facebook coven called 'Empowerment for witches' that he contributes to and is a supportive group for all learning and growing witches as well as a paid coven subscription with exclusive witchcraft tutorials. 

Nicneven, 'The Witch of Seacliff' is a spirit keeping expert. She communes with spiritual entities and creates gorgeous witchy fetishes and servators (spirits contained within an item). She is a true artist, and also paints spirits, and works a lot with lots of beautiful herbs, flowers, candles with a lot of vintage appeal. She also does moon readings, shadow work and spirit keeping tutorials on patreon.

Phil Birch ('Uncle Birch') is a highly experienced witch with a lot of critical information and historical insights into the practice of witchcraft and wicca. He discusses all practices from casting a good circle to using sigils and servators as part of your astral army. He does great live youtubes where you can ask him any question, and runs Widddershins Radio and owns The Sacred Grove shop in L.A. at

Tylluan Penry is a solitary witch that does lovely chats about witchcraft(that are rather like enjoying a nice cup of tea and biscuit!)  from her lovely comforting home complete with snoring dogs and ticking clock.  She covers the ins and outs of solitary practice, ethics and wise reflections on magick. She taught me a lot about folk magick and historical witchcraft practices.

Camelia Elias is an expert in reading the Tarot De Marseilles and Lenormand cartomancy. I love her metaphysical aworking with the cnd intellectual, thought-provoking approach to working with the cards. She also is an artist; a film photographer and runs tarot and lenormand classes - 'read like the devil!'

I've had my fair share of Kelly-Ann Maddox box set binging! Kelly introduced me to the concept of art witchery, chaos magick, sympathetic magick, shadowwork, pantheism, panentheism, monism...and all the big words! She is a stylish 90's retro fashionista, a tarot technique expert with reviews and unboxings, and big on the important things - shadow work, self-love, healing and deep, deep conversations.

'Raven Ways' introduced me to a lot of working knowledge about working with goddess Hekate - what she likes and doesn't like...She has really great spells and spellworking tutorials with herbs, instructionals and topical videos. Raven Ways is also is an expert in astrology.

'Arabian Conjure' is a no holes barred, powerful witch. Specialising in cursing, reversals, love spells and block busting, I love her zero BS approach and she features great tutorials on spellworking with power - she typically spellworks in a lot of layers of intention and with simple but powerful kitchen ingredients. She is not for the faint hearted, a real witch with a bang and a cloud of smoke. Kudos.

Shadow Harvest is an adorable witch who specialises in word witchery and art. She writes beautiful poems and creates equally beautiful videos that explore them. Shadow Harvest works with Persephone (a deity asscociated with Hekate) - hence why I love her channel! Her videos are rambing, honest and charming; her coffee and cauldrons series highlights her journey and experiences, her thoughts on witchcraft, seasonal and life changes. 

The wonderful thing about Cyndi Brannen is her expertise on Hekatean Witchcraft. I have been enjoying all the content on her blog for a good while now at the 'Keeping Her Keys' blog, which has very well researched, thought provoking exploratory debates and questions we all should be asking as practitioners of the craft I also absoloutely adore her new book 'Keeping Her keys' on Hekate rituals, path and practices. 

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